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Our mission is to keep your tools and dies operating at a high efficiency, producing better parts with less scrap and extending their productive life -- saving you money.

We are a small Midwest business with owners that are passionate about making die cast operations run more efficiently. With nearly two decades in the die cast automation business, we have teamed up with the operators of Die Life Systems of Minneapolis, MN to create Tool-Mod.

Our proprietary process extends the useful life of your die cast tools when serviced at regular intervals (usually 20,000 to 30,000 cycles). We will also treat cracks of previously heat checked tools without adding material or changing the dimensions. Your tool will exhibit less soldering with better lube retention, better casting fill and slower gate degradation.

We use a proprietary media impaction process by which a layer of compressive stress is loaded into the surface of your die casting tool. This procedure negates the tensile stresses generated in the heat/cool cycle of die casting - the underlying cause of heat checking.

Our typical processing time is 2 - 5 days depending on the size of the tool. All processing is performed in our Michigan facility by our experienced technical personnel for quality control.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We will provide your money back or make it right if you are dissatisfied with the results.


  • A customer has increased his tool life by 33 - 35% with our process

  • Our proprietary system can even close cracks of previously heat checked tools without adding material or changing the dimensions

  • Short processing time can have your tool back to you making better parts within a week


DAN SCHRAMM | Team Industries

We have been using the Tool-Mod process on our tools for many years. It has increased our tool life by 33-35% on average when applied to the tools on 25,000-30,000 shot intervals.

MATT SMITH | Pace Industries

We have had great success using the refurbishment service to close up surface cracks and to prolong tooling life which reduces the need for costly tooling replacement.


1. Measure your tooling and provide us the length, width and depth for the insert and casting. You will be providing us a total of 6 measurements in inches and number of cavities.

2. Email your sales representative (see the map below) or email us at with the measurements. We will follow up with you shortly with a quote for your tool.

3.Ship your tool and a casting to:
   Tool-Mod, LLC
   c/o GLE Precision
   6950 Junction Road
   Bridgeport, MI 48722

4. We will confirm receipt of the tooling and the measurements.

5. Select the "Make a Payment" button and pay the amount of the quote.

6. We will process your tool in 2 to 5 days and ship your tool back.

If you are not satisfied with your tooling, we will refund your money or make it right.

* Your tool should be thermal stress tempered before shipment to Tool-Mod.


For quoting purposes, we can work from a print or you can provide your sales representative with the length, width and depth for both the insert and casting part in inches (6 numbers) of your tool. Your sales representative will respond promptly with a quote or contact us at

When we receive the actual part, we will ensure all the expectations are the same before processing.


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